Holistic Massage Treatments and Prices

Please nb prices at East Cliff Therapy Centre may differ.  Gift vouchers are available for all treatments.

Full body

Massage of the legs, back, arms and shoulders.

A perfect way to relax and unwind. As with all massage treatments, there are many benefits. A full body massage can bring on deep relaxation, helping with anxiety, depression, sleep disorders, fibromyalgia to name a few....

It also assists with more efficient function of all the systems of the body.



Back, neck & shoulders

A very popular treatment, perfect treatment for lower back pain and 'knotted' shoulders.

Whether you have a physical job, are constantly picking up your children, exercise a lot, or you are generally stressed there are many reasons that we get tightness and pain in our upper bodies.

Regular back massage can help with posture and make us more aware of the reasons for our back, neck, shoulder pain, allowing us to make small changes to improve it.



Thermal stones - Back, neck & shouders

Hot stones penetrate deep in to the muscle. They help to relieve muscle tension, reduces stress and anxiety and promote sleep. 

Massage is performed as normal, but with a stone placed in each of my hands, moving around the large muscle areas of the back and shoulders.

Full body hot stone therapy also available (£45 for 1 hour)



Thai foot massage

Thai foot massage is a wonderful, relaxation massage, using the principles of reflexology.


It is an ideal treatment for clients who want the benefits of a massage, without out having to get undressed. Also perfect for those who spend a lot of time on their feet at work, or through exercise and helps to reduce swelling in the lower limbs.


Indian head massage - not currently available

A beautifully relaxing massage of the upper back, shoulders, neck, head and face.


You will gain all the benefits of regular massage with more emphasis on relieving shoulder and neck tightness. Relieves tension headaches and eyestrain. Promotes relaxation, calmness and tranquility.


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